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UK Driving Instructor Training

Many people dream of changing their career to one that will give them a better lifestyle, one that gives them the freedom to choose when and how much they work. Unfortunately most people will not pursue their dream and the opportunity to improve their work/life balance will sadly pass them by.


Mark Head, Owner of UKdriving Instructor Training

Mark Head, owner of UKdriving Instructor Training  



 Becoming a driving instructor will allow you to work for yourself. (All driving instructors in the UK are self employed) or possibly work  as a franchisee with a national company.


The demand for driving instructors is currently very high and most instructors are very busy and cannot keep up with demand.


 Would you like to give up your 9 to 5 existence ?

 Would you like to choose the hours and days you work ?

 Do you want to be your own boss, make decisions for YOUR benefit ?

 Maybe you would like an extra part time income ?

Train to become a driving instructor and change your life to one of more freedom


Changing your life for one with more freedom can be a reality by becoming a qualified driving instructor


            • You just need to be over 21.

            • Have held a full EU or UK licence for at least 3 years

            • Have less than 6 points

            • Have no serious convictions

Unfortunately the industry has been tarnished by many national companies who offer poor training, with large classes and they often squeeze up to 3 students in each tuition vehicle! This effectively dilutes your training time while maximizing their profits.




I only offer one to one training to give you the time and attention required to achieve your dream.

So what´s it like training and working as a driving instructor and would the lifestyle suit your needs?

I think the best way to answer that would be from people who are already doing the job, telling their story of why they choose this career, describing the lifestyle and the positives and negatives that go with it.



The Life of a Driving Instructor...Is it For You?

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Train to become a driving instructor using the most up to date teaching methods, Improve your check test grade or get help passing either your part 1, part 2 or part 3 qualifying exams